What is ReportsToGo?

The Concept

1. is an independent company that has no vested or financial interest in any other company or organisation. We are not a building inspection company and we do not carry out building inspections.
The sole purpose of is to provide an avenue for vendors to upload their building inspection report on our website to help promote and market their property with confidence.
2. can offer Potential Purchasers reports at a significantly reduced rate that helps to minimise the cost of buying multiple reports.
To do this, the vendor purchases a building inspection report first.
Once the vendor receives the building inspection report, they can either fix up any problem areas or obtain quotes.
Once the vendor is satisfied with the building inspection report, the next step is to upload their report, & photos onto the website, where it will immediately become available for other users to download.
Potential buyers can then download the vendor’s building inspection report off the website any time, anywhere at a set cost that is significantly reduced.

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