Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking to sell my house, why do I need to get a building inspection report first?

As a Vendor getting a building inspection report first allows you to present your property in the best possible condition. You will avoid any possible nasty surprises during the negotiation process and then have the option of either fixing up any issues or obtaining quotes.


Why don’t I leave it to the purchaser to obtain and pay for the report?

At present, in most cases a potential purchaser will organise a building inspection report, to be included as a condition in their sale and purchase agreement. This leaves you, the seller, in a vulnerable position especially if the inspection exposes a number of faults that you were not aware of. As a seller you need to be in control and you also need to know exactly what you are selling. Ultimately both the seller and purchaser will view the same report and enter into the negotiation process with confidence.  


How can I be sure as a Potential Purchaser that the report is not favouring the Vendor?

It is in the Inspector's and Vendor's best interest to provide an honest and unbiased report as they could be liable for any legal action taken against them later. A building inspection report should generally be carried out by an Inspector that is not known to the vendor or has any association with them in any way.


Are you independent from the Building Inspector & the home owner?

Yes absolutely. is an independent company that has no vested or financial interest in any other company or organisation. We are not a building inspection company and do not carry out building inspections. By being independent we avoid any conflict of interest between the building inspector, home owner, real estate agent and the interested purchaser.


Why is the purchase price of a report reduced from the original cost price of the building inspection report?

Reducing the price gives the Potential Purchaser an incentive and cost saving which helps encourage them to purchase the report. They then have immediate access to the report which helps to answer questions quickly and give the purchaser confidence to make the correct decision.


How much will it cost to put my report on website?

We do not charge to advertise your report and property profile on our website.