Meet Rob Dickson

Rob Dickson


Over a 35 year period Rob has developed an extensive background in the Building & Plumbing Industry. Starting his working career as a Plumber/Gasfitter, Rob moved off the tools into the Sales & Marketing Industry and became a Sales Representative in the Plumbing and Bathroom Industry. From here Rob advanced to Business Development Management roles that utilized his experience. Soon after getting married and having two young boys, Rob decided to start a successful Bathroom renovation business that lasted for around 12 years. It was during this time that Rob found out the pros and cons associated with Building Inspection Reports and the affect they can have on the sale of a property. Rob strongly believed that there was a need to have a sense of fairness and neutrality when Building Inspection Reports are used as an appraisal of a Vendors property especially by a potential purchaser. It was here that was formed and Rob is proud that this platform will provide a level playing field to all associated in the process when selling or buying a property. Rob is confident that whether it’s a Property Report, Specialist Report or any other type of report that you would like to promote, advance or share with others then can provide this platform for you.